Is Cheer-leading a Sport?

Cheer-leading world wide is considered as an entertaining sport, which was made to to entertain the audience as well as the crawd during any major games, wither the games are for colleges, schools or professional games. I personally think Cheer-leading is a sport, why, because it meets all the athlete specifications, cheer-leading also requires physical activity in which relative performance can be judged or qualified, which make it as any other major sports, such as soccer, football and so on. As the article mentioned, the primary purpose of cheer-leading is entertaining schools, and competition in this domain (cheer-leading) is not common which make it not a sport. Sports in my definition, is any activity that can bring peoples attentions and it can make you feel the competitive environment and can generate money as well is called a sport for me. I believe if the popularity of this game (cheer-leading) continued to be in top as it is now in high-schools where they have major leagues for it, things would have been different and the popularity of this game will reach the top and people will ask to watch it more,, because if so, Cheer-leading will also be a great sport as long as they keep their stunts and jumps upgraded. Stunt is a sport!


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