Should Athletics must have a college degree to go professional?

Yes, Athletics must have a college degree to go professional. in the present world the kind of money that pro athletics get paid is huge and therefore lot of young minds are getting attracted towards it but one thing to realize here is the fact that not everyone becomes a Ronaldo or a bolt or a Messi. it takes huge effort and also a certain amount of risk as to what happens if it doesn’t work out. having a degree provides a back up to switch careers and gain employment and a steady source of income if things don’t go your way. also studying the sport one wants to become a pro in also beneficial because even if he doesn’t become a great player but understand the game well he can become a manager or a coach. in football if you notice most of the great managers were not great players and all of them have degree. degree is very useful for future also as one may earn big amount now but what happens to the future. evander holyfied who earned a lot in his pro boxing career is now literally broke. degree in a way also provides an understanding on how to mage money which they earn as learning gives them first hand experience with such issues which many athletes wouldn’t have to face after they become famous. over all degree is a useful option and should be mandated to go professional.


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