Should Fantasy Sports Be Legal Or Illegal?

First of all let’s start with the word Fantasy, The definition of the word fantasy is ‘’A strong Addiction usually with something that is not real and probably will never be’’. It means that this sport it should be illegal, Why, because it has nothing to do with sports, sometimes it destroys lives because participants their only priority is money. It has nothing to do with sports nor near any type of sport activity. In my opinion it’s gambling. However, playing daily fantasy for money is legal by federal law in the United States, and also legal in Canada. Fantasy sports are, according to federal law, fantasy sports are considered games of skill – not chance – if they can be won by successfully utilizing superior knowledge of the players involved. The Act adds that the game in question cannot have a prize that is determined by the number of players or amounts paid (think betting odds on game picks), but rather is established in advance of the game’s start., therefore it’s not considered gambling as they say but I believe it’s not correct, because you blow your money on something that is not 100% sure if the participant will win or lose, so as a result, it’s a game of luck (Gambling). Finally, all what businessmen and shareholders care about is money, the system of fantasy sports generates millions of dollars annually to the owners of the organization, the participant may win a big prize once in a while but the big winner is the owners and the organizers of this game (Fantasy Sports).


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