Should athletes have to stand for the National Anthem?


Before i answer this question, National Anthem is a mark of respect that represent any person’s country. It’s our duty to show respect to the armed forces which work continuously day in and out to protect the countries from any harm. As a result, my answer is yes, They should stand for national Anthem only if they truly believe in their country. Few month ago, an incident occurred by Colin Kaepernick, Since athletes represent the country globally, not standing for the national anthem portrays lack of respect for the country by such representatives. Kaepernick kneeled while the national anthem is performed in front of thousands of people,  and that was his right though, but the question is, was he trying to attract attention to himself? Or was he trying to protest but in a different way? A lot of questions have been circling this matter. However a lot of people said that Colin Kaepernick has every right to his manner of protest, but opinions were different on the media. Some quotes that 1) “While I respect his right to protest, he has to respect my right to feel what he is doing is inappropriate. And another person said ” 2) “Kaepernick should be punished by the San Francisco 49ers or the NFL.”

In Conclusion,  one cannot impose anything on anyone, but the respect for the country comes from within and the athletes who are representing the country globally and making use of the country’s sports fund to increase their skills do not look good while not standing up to the national anthem. If they can play for the country, then they can stand for the anthem as well.

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One thought on “Should athletes have to stand for the National Anthem?

  1. I also believe that standing for the national anthem is a sign of respect for the country and should never be taken lightly. According to Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick was simply exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. I understand that the quarterback was trying to tell the country that he didn’t support the racism against African Americans that was going on at that time, but at the same time, I believe that he was disrespecting our country. Personally, I will stand for the anthem every single time that it is played because I respect our country and the people who died protecting it.


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