Is there someone out there like me?

Everyone has thought of, if not asked this question at least once! So you’re not alone.

But maybe if you haven’t got answers with your approach try a different one. Instead of trying to find a glove that fits your hand perfectly, try to take into account that you, as a being are not like a physical object (much akin to the hand) and there won’t be a tailor made partner (the glove!) for you.

I tried to find someone like me once, it was painful. Imagine living with yourself? That person will definitely have ur positives, but in any situation the negatives will be far more compelling.

You’re in a constant state of flux, so basically whenever you go around searching for someone like you, you’re actually searching for someone you’ve moved on from. This is because your perception of yourself changes very gradually as compared to the change you undergo. Try to broaden your mind and find someone you like. You’re not perfect, n neither will she be but the very fact that you’re willing to look past that need for perfection can be a great fuel to keep the flame of love burning.

Also, this applies to everyone! Look around. Imbibe the vibes you like. Think of yourself as water/fire, instead of a rock. Take in whatever makes you stronger, instead of just sitting by, letting weather and storm alter you.

Stay strong! 🙂


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