Should children receive participation trophies?

Children at an early age don’t know what it to takes to be a competitive and a winner at the same time. they have a different mind set that if they see another  kid get a trophy and they don’t, they will feel bad. Sports for kids are fun anyways and giving away participation trophies it will only boost their confidence and make them love more the game. However, I don’t really agree that we should give every kid a participation trophy, because it’s not good in a long term for kids to receive trophies with out putting extra effort, we have to teach them from an early age that anything in this life comes with hard work and dedication. A Lot of studies prove that kids will expect to be rewarded for things that don’t deserve to be awarded for in the future. For example we are not given an A for just attending a class, we have to work, do homework etc so that we can guaranty the best grade, the same thing goes to trophies. Children should be recognized and praised the value of trophies. Trophies symbolize winning and excellence. if kids know that they are going to get a trophy for only showing up for practice or not trying your best, they won’t try to accomplish anything. They won’t do anything because they are quite aware that they don’t have to. They’ll get a reward anyway.



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