PEDs and the Baseball HOF!


As a society we have an obligation to maintain the safety of our health as well as the health of our athletes. PEDs, is known as an enhancing drug that can give the user extra power and endurance. it can be dangerous and lead to random side effects if the user keep using them on regular basis. When taken by adolescents, PEDs can stunt growth. But there are also far worse consequences of PED use – including heart damage, liver damage and an increased risk for blood clots. From my point of view, i believe that athletes who made it to the baseball hall of fame, knowing that they have been using this substance drug, Are worthy of their achievement, why, because after all this drug only gives you power to finish the task, but it doesn’t give you the determination, consistency and the desire to be a great athlete. However, 80% of athlete they use this drug, and it became impossible to prevent this substance from athletes. every day you hear about a new drug. PED users should be allowed into the Hall of Fame under limited circumstances. Some individuals are worthy of the Hall, even with their PED use taken into consideration. However, these athletes deserve a little extra scrutiny to determine whether PED use made them a marginal Hall of Famer or whether they belonged even without the PED usage.




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